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Davvy Singh


Davvy Singh is a highly acclaimed music producer and actor also known as Devinder Singh. He is a versatile artist who has made his mark in the entertainment industry. During his college and university days, Davvy Singh's mastery of Bhangra dance garnered him a multitude of awards and prestigious titles. He has won several competitions and has been a part of many winning teams. His performances have always been appreciated by the audience including his competitors.

Davvy Singh kick started his career as a Bhangra artist in 1987, and for the next seven years, until 1994, he actively pursued his passion. Throughout his journey, he achieved remarkable success, earning numerous prestigious titles. In 1992, he secured the esteemed title of Best Folk Dancer of Punjab in the Inter-University competitions hosted by the Director of Youth Services in Punjab. His talent and dedication brought him an impressive collection of accolades. He triumphed with seven gold medals in Zonal competitions, claiming six gold medals in the Punjabi University Patiala's Inter-Zonal Youth Festival, and adding five gold medals to his name in the Inter University Youth Festival, which encompassed both North India and All India Intervarsity. His influence extended beyond national borders as he showcased his skills in various international festivals across countries like Germany, Russia, China, Spain, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. His participation in these events further established his reputation as a talented Bhangra artist with a global reach.

Davvy Singh has become a renowned music director by composing over 30 full albums and creating more than 500 captivating songs. His creative talent and musical expertise have left a lasting impression on the industry. Furthermore, His compositions have graced the soundtracks of several notable movies. His talent has enriched films like Sikander, Munde Patiale De, Ashke, Khatre Da Ghugoo, Giddarhsinghi, Panjab Singh, Jaddi Sardar, Jinne Jamme Saare Nikamme, and Balle Oye Chalaak Sajna with his soulful and captivating music. With each project, Davvy continues to captivate audiences and solidify his reputation as an accomplished music director.

In addition to his accomplishments in music, Davvy Singh has successfully ventured into the world of acting, leaving a lasting impression on the silver screen. He has showcased his remarkable talent in a range of renowned movies, including Hashar, Medal, Punjab Singh, Ekam, Khattre Da Ghugoo, Family 420 Once Again, and Painter. Each performance by Davvy is infused with a unique charm, captivating audiences with his presence. His booming,  powerful and resonant voice adds another layer to his on-screen persona, further enhancing his magnetic personality. Beyond the movies already released, Davvy Singh has also embarked on new projects, including web series and movies currently in production. With each new endeavor, he continues to push boundaries and explore his artistic range, leaving audiences eager to witness his future performances.

Davvy Singh's acting journey showcases his talent through captivating presence and a commanding voice, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.




Medal as Himmat Singh