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Dalpalan (born Kang Ki-young on July 16, 1966) is a South Korean film score composer and music director. He frequently works in collaboration with musician Jang Young-gyu. As a music director, his known for his work in the film The Wailing (2016).


Dalpalan was born in Seoul and is a graduate of Yongsan High School. He was a first-generation Korean heavy metal and electronic musician. He played bass when Sinawi was founded, but left the group during the recording of their first album. 


He later returned for their second album. Afterward, he worked on the second and third albums of H2O, which had an alternative music genre. In 1995, he formed a Pippi Band with vocalist Lee Yoon-Jung and guitarist Park Hyeon-Joon, whom he met at H2O, and experimented with punk music.


In 1997, after Lee Yoon-Jung left the group, he recruited Goguma (Byung-jun) and changed the group's name to 'Pippi Longstocking' to continue their activities.


In the late 1990s, he changed the name to 'Dalparan' and released a techno album, marking the start of his earnest pursuit of electronic music. He also worked on "Lie" and “Sweet Life.”


In 2007, Pippi Band's first album, "Cultural Revolution," was selected as the 51st in the top 100 Korean popular music albums by Kyunghyang Shinmun and the music-specialized webzine 'Heart Network.' Most of the tones used in his techno music are psychedelic, and he often uses sharp and aggressive tones on expensive vintage electronic instruments such as Waldorf and Roland TB-303.


It was film director Jang Seon-woo who introduced Dalpalan to the world of film music. The director suggested that he wanted to write music for the two bands for the movie "Bad Movie" (1997). Afterward, Dalparan made his full-fledged debut as a music director with "Lie" (1999).


Dalparan made his name known in the film industry by forming a group called Peach Project with Jang Young-gyu, Bang Youn-suk, and Lee Byung-hun.


Although he participated in some of the music for the SBS drama <Big Issue> in 2019, <Mine> is the first time he has overseen the overall music for a drama. Followed by Kingdom Season 2.


Film music directors Kim Tae-seong, Dalparan, and Bang Jun-Seok directed Korea's first audio cinema.

Known for
Music Director