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Jaywant Pathare


Jaywant Pathare. Cinematographer: Anand. Jaywant Pathare is known for Anand (1971), Anupama (1966) and Bemisal (1982).


Jayawant Pathare is a legendary name in the inner circles of Bollywood. The man who revolutionized cinematography work. Born on 8th November 1921 in Mumbai, Jayawant had a really tough childhood, with his father passing away when he was just 8 years old.


 Jayawant was brought up by his mother after his father passed away. Jayawant’s father’s friend was Nanabhai Subedar, who was a prominent sound recording artist who helped Jayawant get a job as a camera apprentice under Jayant Desai. After working for 3 years under Jayant Desai, Jayawant Pathare joined Janak Pictures as an assistant cameraman. 


His first job as an assistant cameraman was on the sets of the legendary movie of Indian cinema, ‘Aag’. Directed by and starring Raj Kapoor, with other superstars like Nargis, Aag became one of the biggest commercial pictures of all time, and it was during the shooting of Aag that Jayawant’s work was noticed by Raj Kapoor and they started to have a bonding.


 Jayawant was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by a superstar of Raj Kapoor’s status.

After Aag, Jayawant was hired by RK Productions and started working in their camera unit. His next film was yet another classic, Barsaat released in 1949, directed by Raj Kapoor yet again and starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis. 


A path-breaking romantic story about a charming and free-spirited man, who finally falls in love with a girl from a village. Raj Kapoor was highly impressed by Jayawant’s work so far. In Raj Kapoor’s next film, Jayawant was yet again the assistant cameraman, they started working on the movie Awara, released in 1951.


Once during the shooting, the chief cameraman had to take an absence from work, and thus Jayawant was passed down the opportunity to be at the helm of working as the chief cameraman. The movie turned out to be absolutely spectacular, it had an effect not only just future Indian movies but movies internationally as well in Pakistan, Turkey, and many other countries. 


Raj Kapoor was over the moon with Jayawant’s work and decided to promote him to the post of chief cinematographer. His next film was Aah, released in 1953. Jayawant was the chief cinematographer. Yet again starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis. 


Jayawant went on to have a stellar career, winning 2 Filmfare Awards for Cinematography along the way and working in blockbuster movies Anari, Anuradha, Mem Didi, and many more.