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Momoko Kochi


Momoko Kōchi (河内 桃子, Kōchi Momoko) (7 March 1932 – 5 November 1998), born Momoko Ōkōchi (大河内 桃子, Ōkōchi Momoko), was a Japanese film, stage and television actress.

She is best known for her roles in the original Godzilla, playing the character of Emiko Yamane (a role she reprised in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah in 1995), and in The Mysterians, playing Hiroko 


Kōchi's paternal grandfather was Viscount Masatoshi Ōkōchi, the third director of Riken; her father, a painter, was the second son of Masatoshi. Her husband, television producer Sadataka Hisamatsu, with whom she had a daughter, was descended from the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira clan who ruled over the Imabari Domain.

  •    Since childhood, Kōchi showed off her photograph, "My Lover," in which she was depicted with        her grandfather Masatoshi.
  •   On 31 December 1957, Kōchi visited São Paulo for the opening of Toho's branch in Brazil with         another Toho actress, Machiko Kitagawa (who would later become the wife of Kiyoshi Kodama).
  •  They then went to New York City in the United States to participate in the Japanese cinema exhibition. On 12 February 1958, they returned to Japan. At the time, worldwide travel liberalization was still underway, and their visits to São Paulo and New York City became very valuable

Known for

Godzilla as Emiko Yamane