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Park Ho San


Park Ho-san (박호산; born October 18, 1972; birth name Park Jung-hwan (박정환)), is a South Korean cinema and stage actor. He has appeared in various film, television, and stage productions. Park Ho-san performed roles performances on stage including 'Suck' (2008), 'In the Heights (2015), 'Chuncheon There' (2009, 2015), 'Waiting for Heroes' (2013), 'Frozen' (2015), and 'The Book of a Thief' (2015).


He has played supporting roles in television series including Prison Playbook, My Mister, Lawless Lawyer, and The Penthouse: War in Life.


Born in Seoul, Park first interested in acting after he saw the play Hamlet. When Park entered Baejae High School in Seoul, he decided that he wanted to major in acting. He made a theater club with his friends. He went to the theater and office of Seoul Yejeon (now Seoul University of the Arts) with two friends to find a drama class instructor.


Park enrolled at the Department of Theater and Film Park at Chung-Ang University. In 1993 he became a member of the Yeonwoo Theater Company. and made his debut in the play 'Winter Wanderer' in 1996. In 1997, Park started cinema acting with a small role in the film Black Jack.


 In 1998, he continued to act in minor roles in four films, Story of Man, Saturday, 2:00 pm! Soul Guardians and A Mystery of the Cube. In 2001, Park appeared in the feature film Wanee & Junah.


Park was also married with three sons, including rapper Park Joon-ho. His wife is theater actress Kim Dong-hwa, who is eight years younger than him.


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