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North Chungcheong Province, South Korea

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Park Kwang hyun


Bae-jong (Korean: 배종; born Park Kwang-Hyun on August 21, 1969)[1] is a South Korean commercial and film director. He is best known for co-writing and directing the 2005 critical and commercial hit Welcome to Dongmakgol.


Park Kwang-Hyun grew up in the countryside with his grandmother. When he was in primary school, he began watching his first films, like Superman and Robot Taekwon V, and fell in love with the art of cinema. He would talk about films with his friends all day, and go to the movie theater any chance he got.


For his college degree, Park studied Visual Design at Hongik University. The Hongdae area is known as one of the most diverse and important spots in Korea when it comes to music and arts, many indie bands go through Hongdae clubs before becoming famous, and many artists, designers, and writers emerged from this environment.


After graduation, Park started his own company with a few friends, and went on to become one of the most acclaimed figures in the CF (Commercial Film) field. He shot several famous commercials with top stars, from Kyobo Life with Choi Min-sik, to the McDonald's "Don't Bet your life" series with Shin Ha-kyun and Im Won-hee.


While going to work, he kept writing his own script, in the hope that one day it would turn into his first feature. Then, all of a sudden, he approached playwright/filmmaker Jang Jin in 2001, saying he was a fan and wanted him to read his script. 


Jang welcomed young Park into his production company Film It Suda, which featured mostly theater-trained actors and directors. He was the oddity in Jang's group, the sole "style man" out of all those people mostly concerned with dialogue and situation-based drama or comedy.