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Tamil Nadu, India

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Thangar Bachan


Thangar Bachan (born 1961) is an Indian film director and actor, cinematographer, and novelist. He has served as a jury member in National Film Awards.


Thankar Bachan was born in Pathirakottai, a village near Panruti, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu.


Bachan started his career as a cinematographer in his debut film Malai Charal. He was known for his work in Mogamul and Bharathi. He made his directorial debut in Azhagi.


Apart from films he occasionally contributes to literary works. His novels include Onbathu Roobai Nottu and Ammavin Kai Pesi. He eventually made this novel into films in his own direction.


Thankar Bachan was known for his contribution to portraying North Tamil Nadu villages which were not depicted in Tamil cinema properly. His story plots were set mostly in Panruti and surrounding villages.


 After Bharathiraja, villages were best portrayed in Thangar Bachan movies. Bharathiraja himself declared that after him Bachan directs the best village films.

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