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Johnny Walkar


Johnny Walker (born Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi; 1924? – 29 July 2003), was an Indian actor who acted in around 300 films. He was best known for his humorous roles in Indian films, notably being typecast as a hapless drunkard.


Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi was born in Indore, British India (present-day Madhya Pradesh, India), one of twelve children of a weaving teacher.  Sources generally place his date of birth around 1924.


When his father lost his job, took it upon himself to entertain the public, with his comical way of calling out bus stops, his hilarious impressions, and his tricks.


Throughout his youth, he dreamed of being involved in films, idolizing Noor Mohammed Charlie, and practicing stunts that he saw on-screen. He got a break in the film industry after actor Balraj Sahni encountered him and introduced him to actor and director Guru Dutt without the latter's knowledge after being amused by Kazi's antics.


Johnny Walker nurtured his desire to work in films and with amusing routines, hoping that he would at some point be spotted by someone with a connection in a film. Balraj Sahni was either at that time writing the script for Baazi (1951), or acting in Hulchul, told Kazi to demonstrate his drunkard act to Guru Dutt. From that meeting, he gained a role in Baazi. It was Guru Dutt who gave him the name Johnny Walker, a reference to the brand of Scotch whisky, when he was inspired by Kazi's display in the role of a drunkard


Johnny Walker married Noorjahan, the sister of Indian actress Shakila, despite the opposition of her family. They had three daughters and three sons, of whom one is actor Nasirr Khan. Regretting that he had been forced to leave school at 6th class, he sent his sons to the US for schooling.


Despite often playing the role of a drunkard, Johnny Walker was a teetotaller and claimed to have never drunk alcohol in his life. Johnny Walker died on 29 July 2003 after a period of illness.