Chak Jawana

N/A 02:12 Drama 10 Jan, 2010

Directed by Simerjeet Singh, the film deals with a village in Punjab; the youth of which are heedless to their responsibilities. This affects the progress of the village as a whole, leaving the contingent elders worried and clueless about the future of the village. In this atmosphere of distress, Captain Avatar Singh (Gurdaas Mann) returns to his village after voluntarily retiring from the Indian Naval force. Disappointed with the current circumstances he pledges to reform his native land. The film has Gurdaas Mann in the lead role and Gaurav Kakkar, modela Doda, Gurkirtan, Sonal Minocha also playing pivotal characters. Looking at the current situations of our own country a film like this which deals with social issues and concerns will definitely give a lot more than entertainment.