Balle O Chalaak Sajjna

CBFE:U/A 2 hours:10 minutes Drama 04 Aug, 2023

The plot of this film is based on the brotherhood of two brothers. Varyam Singh and hakam Singh. Both are orphans and were brought up by Taayi Bishani. After a while Varyam and hakam got married to two sisters Lali and Channi from another village. Laali and Channi are also orphans and brought up by their brothers and sister-in-law.


Hakam is a typical farmer and Deshi guy. On the other hand, varyam is a Government school teacher. In another scenario, elder sister Laali is a government school teacher working in the same school where varyam is employed. Younger sister Channi is a typical house girl.


Now hakam gets married to Laali varyam gets married to Channi due to age factors. This mismatch of two couples living in the same house leads to different situations which leads to misinterpretation of their relationships.


Laali and Varyam go to school every day and Channi brings hakam’s lunch to the fields. This thing is spread in a village like rumours that both couples are swapping with each other. A point comes in the film when their personal life is fully disturbed by these Rumours.


A character Nimma hakam’s rival and a bachelor took advantage of this as he likes Channi. Another character a school teacher Aman who loves Varyam also took advantage of this mismatch and tried to destroy their relationship.


With all twists and turns this is a comedy emotional drama family entertainer which shows how relationships gone wrong when we believe in rumours and wrong interpretation of things can lead to serious consequences.