Vekhi Ja Chhedi Na

N/A 02:11 Comedy Drama 23 Feb, 2024

Had it happened ever that A husband could see his wife only but not touch her?Yes, This happened with our hero Armaan.He was married to Nikki ,he could see her only from a distance but couldn't get close to her even on the first night of his marriage.The reason of this problem is his elder brother Karma who was not supposed to married due to his not so good looks and also less educated. Karma's grandmother was so worried about his future. So the family followed advocate Uncle Ajmer Singh.According to Grandmother,the family sent Karma's Baraat but from Nikki's family side, Nikki was married to Armaan.Now in nikki's InLaw's family Nikki is wife of Karma and in front of her parents' family she is wife of Armaan. Now how long will this trouble go on?Will they be caught?Which twists will be coming in story ahead are shown in this movie finely.