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The story of film "Babbar" revolves around in many parts. On one side there is a battle of several gangsters to become the Mob head of the city and on the other side there are three brothers Deba (Kaka Kautki) Gama (Raj Singh Jhinjar) and Chika (Raghveer Boli) who earn an honest living by working in a garage. The story takes a turn when Gama mechanic's younger brother Chika and ex-gangster Zoravar's brother Ladi (Kavi Singh) cross paths with Tota (Pardeep Cheema) the younger brother of the city's famous gangster Jack (Victor John) and bloodshed begins. When Gama sees his younger brother in trouble, ratchet and sockets are replaced by weapons and Gama confronts the biggest gangsters. Zoravar, unwillingly, has to return to the criminal world that he once left behind for the sake of his brother.