Nabar: A Rebel with a Cause

N/A 01:52 Drama, Family 27 Sep, 2013

'NABAR' is the story of Surjan Singh, a Father, who became a Fighter from a Farmer to fight against Injustice. 'NABAR' is the story of Chindo, a mother, who got stuck in the most important moment of her life. Her son's marriage. 'NABAR' is the story of Manjeet, a girlfriend, who thinks death can kill life, but not relationship. 'NABAR' is the story of Karam, who has a dream to go abroad and earn a better living for his family. 'NABAR' is the story of Kapura, a politician, who can go to any extent for his profits. 'NABAR' is the story of Rana, a struggling comedian with golden heart, who will stand by truth at any cost. 'NABAR' is the story which has never been told before. Full of emotions, love, anger and happiness. 'NABAR' is the story with soulful music (romantic, Bhangra, shabad and chandi di war first time in Punjabi film.